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- - Welcome to the ROS Official Website - -  
Good morning, it's currently 1:54 AM on Sunday, April 21, 2024

== Now Showing ==

Here is where we list what series the club is currently watching. For updates, please see the main page.

Next Meeting: Summer 2006
Date to be determined - We are aiming for June/July 2006.
The more of you who drop us a line, the sooner we can get things started!
Watch for new flyers coming to a convention/comic show/store/bulletin board near you!

Here's a typical schedule: (Titles provided for example purposes.)
06:00 - Black Jack Ep. 1 (1 hour)
06:30 - Black Jack Ep. 1 (cont.)
07:00 - SOS Brigade Ep. 1
07:30 - SOS Brigade Ep. 2
08:00 - Shuffle Ep. 1
08:30 - Shuffle Ep. 2
09:00 - Melancholy of Harumi Suzumiya Ep. 1
09:30 - Melancholy of Harumi Suzumiya Ep. 2
10:00 - RAY The Animation Ep. 1
10:30 - RAY The Animation Ep. 2
11:00 - MONSTER Ep. 1
11:30 - MONSTER Ep. 2
12:00 - End of Meeting - See You Again! (Meeting ends by midnight or earlier)

Stay Tuned For More Updates

“From The Last Meeting...”

ROS Has Risen... ROS Is Coming Back!
Raging Otaku Society is currently working on plans to re-launch the club, expanding beyond the scope of showing anime, reviving prize drawings from our early years, and planning other related events, ranging from cosplay/costuming workshops, to anime/manga-style art demonstrations... And that's just the beginning of what we're working on to provide a variety of activities to appear to fans on all levels!

So far, the details are still being worked out, but the goal is to get organized as an event that can be promoted at Krier's and other venues, spotlighting anime fandom in Modesto and surrounding areas, with programs and events designed to appeal to fans, and letting people know there are other folks in the area who share their interests. Anime fandom has been growing significantly over the last 15 or so years, from the first few clubs around the country and the world, to the first conventions exclusively dedicated to anime and manga, to the rapid growth in popularity, fueled by word of mouth, the internet, and events focusing on the current trends in programming and fandom. Now, it's our turn to adapt to the changing times.

If you're interested in helping us out, we'd like to hear from you. Drop us a line, and by all means, keep watching this site for the latest news on our progress, and hopefully, the first announcements of the all new ROS!

Keep checking back here, and watch for flyers, at Krier's and other locations, for the latest information! We're working on building a better ROS, and welcome your ideas and suggestions. We will grow stong with your support!

If you have suggestions or requests, please post them in the forums! subject “ROS Show Request.” We'll take your suggestions into consideration. If you're thinking about it, chances are we might have it, or we might know where to find it! (Trust us, we've got a pretty huge anime collection between two people.)

We will also have raffles when we can gather enough prizes for one. If you have some stuff you just can't wait to get rid of, bring it, and we can raffle it off!

Here are a few rules that we politely request you follow:
  • Please be considerate of others who are watching the shows. If you've gotta have a conversation, please have it outside, or towards the back of the store. For the benefit of all attending, see A Few Words On Proper Behavior.
  • Due to the content of some of our programming, members age 15 or under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No exceptions.
  • Programming for mature audiences (Conforming to Pioneer/Geneon's 16 UP, 18 UP standards, etc.) will be shown only after 10 pm. We've got a good thing going at Krier's, so let's not blow it.
  • We aren't responsible for offending anyone with anime content if that should happen. It's a free country and you have the right to choose whether you stay or leave if you are unhappy with what we are showing ;} If you dont like what we are showing, please don't complain obnoxiously like “this sucks!” and various other derogatory comments about the anime. Some people do like what we are showing, and would like to enjoy the show. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but please, be tactful about how you express them. Thanks! ^_^;

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