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See You Again!

Here are a few rules that we politely request you follow:
  • Please be considerate of others who are watching the shows. If you've gotta have a conversation, please have it outside, or towards the back of the store. For the benefit of all attending, see A Few Words On Proper Behavior.
  • Due to the content of some of our programming, members age 15 or under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No exceptions.
  • Programming for mature audiences (Conforming to Pioneer/Geneon's 16 UP, 18 UP standards, etc.) will be shown only after 10 pm. We've got a good thing going at Krier's, so let's not blow it.
  • We aren't responsible for offending anyone with anime content if that should happen. It's a free country and you have the right to choose whether you stay or leave if you are unhappy with what we are showing ;} If you dont like what we are showing, please don't complain obnoxiously like “this sucks!” and various other derogatory comments about the anime. Some people do like what we are showing, and would like to enjoy the show. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but please, be tactful about how you express them. Thanks! ^_^;

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